The interactive  iPad app is available for download  here.

This project has been published in the Spring 2012 issue of the Emily Carr University (ECU) ‘Current’ Design Research Journal.  The full journal can be read on Issuu by visiting this link.

Enigmod was an early prototype developed as part of the “90² Foot Space” wood design studio at ECU with industry partner Insafund. Working in teams of three, designers were charged with the task of creating an affordable, reproducible living solution for 9 x 10 foot micro-spaces in urban Vancouver.

The Enigmod design team chose to systematically explore and use the full potential of the space’s verticality while retaining the 90 square feet of floor space.  By the end of the project term, Bobbi and her fellow Enigmod designers (Karla Tull-Easterbrook + Nick Ng) managed to accomplish their goals on a $500 budget.  (Please read the article for more information).