Below resides my shoe series along with a few other random drawings. The series work is a ten day exploration of one object in a different place each day, done in multiple different mediums (conté, charcoal, pastel, pencil crayon, watercolor and graphic marker). Incidentally the more I considered the life of a shoe, the more I began to personify it. What would it actually be like to be a shoe all day long? Stepped in/on? Worn? Kicked off? Is it patiently waiting its time to go out and experience the world? Would a shoe feel sad, happy, or lonely? Could a shoe fall in love? You might find this a bit unusual, but it was a great creative exercise to begin considering object roles and life cycles from different vantage points, which is important in creative practice to not just step out of the box, but to be free of it entirely.

From left to right the works are titled as follows:
Shoe-nap, Shoe-leisure, Shoe-drunk, Shoeicide, Shoe-shelter, Idle Purse
Shoe-contemplation, Shoe-squish, Shoe-love, Hungry-shoe, Exploded view (random object), Shoe-dump


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